Monday, November 20, 2006

Godspeed You! Black Emperor - F#A#∞ (1998)

F#A#∞ was recorded at the Hotel2Tango in spring 1997 on a rented 16-track tape deck and supplemented with various field recordings. In the preceding year, the band had taken shape as a quasi-orchestral outfit involving most of the current players and had mounted a number of live performances combining multiple film projections with sense-rattling sonics., This is the first recorded document of godspeed as a large band and is soaring, fragile, awkward, heartbreaking stuff. Constellation released a vinyl-only pressing of 500 copies in August 1997, with LP jackets hand made by the label, the band, and various local artisans. It has since gone through many re-presses, with virtually all of the original packaging elements preserved. The opening monologue on side one (Dead Flag Blues) is taken from Incomplete Movie About Jail, an unfinished film by guitarist Efrim.


88,8Mb, VBR

01 - The Dead Flag Blues.mp3 [6:28]
02 - East Hastings.mp3 [17:58]
03 - Providence.mp3 [29:02]

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Anonymous said...

Dead Flag Blues appears to be missing ten minutes if your time is right